How To Earn Money From YouTube?

How To Earn Money From YouTube

How To Earn Money From YouTube?

YouTube is a social media platform that are rank on top of the google. It will provide us amazing videos that are help us to solve our problems easily. This is the product of the google and already installed in androids and also in IOS when we buy.

In this article we will tell you how to earn money from this social media platform. Earn money from this platform is very easy if we work hard and if we not worked hard then to earn money from this platform is very difficult.

So we will tell you some process that will help you to make money from YouTube.

Make A Channel:

If you have a Gmail account open YouTube and click on the right of this platform after open YouTube where your name icon is appear after click on this you will write the name of your channel.

After this you will add the logo of your channel and also the banner of your channel. If you adding this information then you will go to your studio. And click on setting add your phone number and enter the OTP that send by Google on your mobile phone.

Then you will be eligible to adding the videos on your channel. There is the work is not complete you will add the tags of your channel. You will not copy the tags of other channel. Research the keywords from google keyword planner tool and then add the tags.

Now google is make the channel secure. Your channel needs your National id verification. You will upload the front and back images of your National id card and after uploading google will review this national id card image then it will be eligible this feature in our channel after 24 hours.

Upload High Quality Content:

If you will complete the first step then you will need to upload video on your channel. Research the high CPC keyword for YouTube videos. If you doesn’t research on topic that you will choose.

There is no chance to rank our videos. We will need to work professionally on our channel. If we will make professional then we will need to work hard. If our keyword research is complete then we will start recording video. Must the quality of our video is greater than 720p resolution.

Because this platform support that peoples who will upload the high quality videos. Our video is ready then we will make the high resolution thumbnail. The design of our thumbnail is look attractive.

According to this social media 60% of peoples in world click on video by seeing its thumbnail. If our thumbnail is beautiful then we will gain the more traffic on our videos and ranked on this social media platform.

On-Page SEO of Videos:

SEO is most important for all social media platform. Same as other social media platform our YouTube videos needs SEO. We will tell you how to increase the SEO rate of your video.

You will add long tail title that are based on research. After this you will add the targeted keyword in your description as well as in your tags. That are relate with the both three things that are title, description and tags.

If we will not add the targeted keyword in our videos the no chance to gain traffic from this social media platform. If we gain no traffic from this platform then we will make no earning from this platform. SEO plays very important role in our video.

Because with the help of SEO we will be able to complete the requirement of this social media platform and then we will be able to make money from this social media platform.

Eligibility Criteria For Monetization:

There is some requirements that we will need to complete. That are 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch hours. This is difficult for those people who will not make the mind set for earn money online.

But those peoples that are make the mindset of earn money from this social media platform. So that peoples will easily complete this target. Watch hours means are if we upload the video of 10 minute and 240000 people will watch this video complete than the target of 4000 watch hours will complete.

After completing this target YouTube ads are shown on our videos. With the help of this YouTube ads we will be able to make money online form this social media platform. If the people will click on this add then we will generate more income from this video.

That is very good for us. This platform is 100% genuine because mostly all of the peoples are work on this platform and this platform make no scam with that peoples.

Second Option To Complete The Target:

Second option is to complete this target you will be paid for this. Most of the website will sell the services for YouTube. For example 1000 subscribers 4000 watch hours and monetization on.

Totalsmmpanel will offer this service in more than 100$ that are enough. But with the help of this option we will not able to generate income from our channel. Because these services are done by bots.

So the bots are seeing our video 1 time and not come again on our channel. But if we complete this target genuine then the people who subscribed our channel they will return on our channel.

With the help of this website that we will tell you about you will be able to buy YouTube subscribers. That subscribers will complete slowly within few days. And these subscribers are obviously fake.

By these fake subscribers you will not be able to grow on this social media platform. Because that way are not legit. If you will know the algorithm of this platform then definitely you will grow on this platform. By the help of dashboard YouTube you will be able to see the performance of your channel and also of your video.

For More Information About To YouTube Then Visit To This Website.

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