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IP Logger WordPress plugin review

“IP Logger” WordPress plugin tracks data about every visitor of your internet site within the separate MySQL table within your WordPress blog database. Visitor ‘s information has a lot of data including IP- address, user agent, country code, country name, city, etc… Convenient graphical visual presentation for that data is available via admin dashboard widget. Data may be exported into CSV or XML format. Plugin offers undesired visitors blocking feature also.

To get more information regarding this wordpress tool functionality you can travel to wordpress tool page at wordpress. org and original IP Logger plugin webpage at mcdougal ‘s site. With thisreally and truly just inform you of my impressions after investigating this wordpress tool with this technical review.

Creator with this specific plugin follows general code standards. His code is exact, an easy task to read. After looking at the origin code I can concur that “IP Logger” WordPress plugin operates as declared by its author generally.

Merely for the sites security, I already have to let you know about a very important aspect about which M. Retzlaff didn’t write within the wordpress tool description:

“IP Logger” WordPress wordpress tool uses unknown external WEB in order to get visitor IP speak about details.

“IP Logger” uses the “IP Details” PHP class published by Chetan Mendhe. This school sends request to “http” when “IP Logger” attempts to trail your website visitor IP speak about. Server “66. 84. 41. That ‘s information available about this WEB service.

M. Retzlaff, “IP Logger” plugin author, wrote within the “IP Logger” wordpress tool description:

Well-crafted, person, you retain legal and well- known worldwide Google organization service outside successfully, but send exactly the same data to a different ‘spying’ WEB service instead. That unknown WEB service works minus the make certain that it is going to work tomorrow or the following month. Did ’66. 84. 41. 158′ service show any computer user data privacy assertion? Some believe it is. How space for storing owner uses all statistical data from sites sending IP Particulars requests with it? We have no idea .

More than likely WordPress wordpress tool author MUST declare for the plugin users things like the invisible usage of external WEB service. It’s the plugin customer choice from then on to make use of that service, showing them his\her critical data, not really. As for now there isn’t an opportunity for such decision for just about any “IP Logger” plugin customer without strong technical background. That ‘s the primary reason I lower the full total score for “IP Logger” plugin within this review by 2 points.

I it is going to be great for M. Retzlaff to create its web service with exactly the same functionality to appropriate the specific situation. In this way “IP Logger” plugin users may have make sure “IP Logger” wordpress tool works appropriately while M. Retzlaff supports it.

Except the described above, “IP Logger” has no actual hidden code which can make something malicious delete word through mcdougal in wordpress tool description.

Some speak to bugs during installation and light-weight tests I made. M. Retzlaff( the writer) made a realistic alternative and well suited for increasing his plugin.

“IP Logger” wordpress tool executes uninstallation code if you eliminate it. It fully removes their tables from the database. Thus be willing to loss your internet site statistics during upgrade the plugin to another version:). This is often a wise practice to deactivate plugin before upgrade it. WordPress built- in wordpress tool upgrade feature get this to: deactivates plugin, updates files, activates wordpress tool. Another case is once you meet some issue with blog functionality you deactivate plugins 1 by 1 to locate what plugin makes bad job. Execute you suppose to reduce your statistics yet another data when just deactivate plugin for a moment?

Be mindful with “IP Logger” plugin deactivation, make support copy of prefix_ip_logger, prefix_ip_logger_block MySQL database tables before it if you wish to save your website statics.

“IP Logger” wordpress tool has the information data data auto delete feature. It really is convenient for sites with large traffic volume. But think of, this auto delete code is named whenever visitor hits your site page. SQL delete command uses where condition in order to background creation date with creating content days quant option. ‘stamps ‘column( where background creation date and time are stored) doesn’t have index. For folks who have plenty of records inside the ip_logger table such eliminate command will read all stand data once your site shows its page. You may get performance degradation easily with such functionality.

For instance, if you wish to make deletion daily , you could add choice to keep date of the prior deletion. Thus, delete should be executed only, if enough time such option isn’t equal to the present time. Similar for deletion execution once weekly , etc.

“IP Logger” plugin stores its data inside the database tables very uselessly. For instance, every record has country, region, city character domains with length from 50 to 100 characters. Relational database allows to lessen data size in this case with utilization of linked game tables. Store country name ‘Portugal’ 1 time in the separate table and placed into main statistics table only the i d of this country background. Record length will soon be smaller, all data from the stand will soon be processed faster…

System criticism above I can provide this “IP Logger” wordpress tool only 3. 0 mark with this specific review. I really hope L. Retzlaff will read it create updates needed to enhance his plugin from our future. We shall find out about it within the next “IP Logger” plugin review:).

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