Is WiFi monitoring possible? Is it possible?

wifi monitoring

Is WiFi monitoring possible? Is it possible?

I called because the child who should have been at the academy was not in the academy but was somewhere else. It was meant to ask where you were and what you were doing. However, the school was right where the child received the call.

At that time, he was studying at the academy. I accessed the phone monitoring app again to figure out what the problem was. The child’s location was marked on the map, but it appeared near the school. It wasn’t completely wrong, but it was clearly inaccurate location information.

Can’t we get more accurate location information, and is there any better mobile phone monitoring app?

Among these concerns, I found the mSpy app.

 – What is WiFi monitoring?

When using a mobile phone monitoring app, there is bound to be dissatisfaction. A location tracking system could be one of them. This is because most use GPS systems to determine the location, which is sometimes inaccurate.

To solve this problem, mSpy introduced a location tracking function using a Wi-Fi network. With this feature, you can track your child’s location more accurately by using the hotspot and Wi-Fi information sent from the child’s mobile phone.

It’s not just location tracking that has changed to be more accurate. If you use the WiFi monitoring service, you can enjoy the following functions at once.

  • You can see the most visited places.
  • You can track Wi-Fi and hotspots used in places you visit.
  • You can search by name, time, period, and type.
  • Protection and monitoring through Wi-Fi network list inquiry can be achieved.
  • It can detect suspicious hotspot connections and prevent potentially dangerous situations.

For mobile phone monitoring apps, trust is of the most importance. Parents should be able to trust and use it. Most importantly, it is an app for children. In this regard, the improved mSpy service and WiFi monitoring function is good enough to be recommended to those who are using other monitoring apps.

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 – ‘mSpy’ is fully equipped with basic functions

Although the WiFi monitoring function has been implemented, the basic net exhaust service has never been missed. Just by looking at the keyword warning system that belongs to one of the basic functions, you can get a glimpse of how faithful mSpy is to the basics.

With this feature, you can get an instant notification when inappropriate keywords or phrases are used on your child’s phone. For example, you can monitor and supervise whether your child is searching for inappropriate content, such as information about drug use, sex, or violence.

Keyword assignments can be done directly by the parent remotely. When a specified keyword or phrase is entered, it is possible to immediately receive a notification and block access itself.

In addition, it is possible to create a comprehensive report on all matters related to monitoring and send it immediately as a personal message upon customer request. All basic information such as calls, messages, and locations made at a specific time can be included in the report.

It is applicable to all device types such as iPhone, Android, and tablets, and can focus on user activity and setting monitoring period. Files can be extracted in XLS or CSV format.

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 – WiFi monitoring, GPS, and location information resolution!

The importance of location information cannot be overemphasized. There is nothing more important than indicating where your child is. In this respect, Wi-Fi monitoring and GPS information are the perfect combinations. If something happens to the child, you have to go right away, but if the location information is wrong at this time, you will suddenly become a duck egg on the Nakdong River.

In this regard, you should use a monitoring application that provides decent services and features right from the start. Knowing where your child is quickly and accurately is directly related to safety. And never make concessions or compromises related to safety. It’s a trivial choice, but if it can prevent a big problem, it’s never trivial. Many parents wish to take care of their children in a better environment through the functions provided by mSpy.

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