Main Difference between Lawyer, Barrister, Advocate and Attorney:

Main Difference between Lawyer, Barrister, Advocate and Attorney:

There are many differences between lawyer, attorney and others are these are all are different from each other firstly we will discuss about lawyer.


When a person complete his/her law education and done his/her graduation then a person will makes a lawyer. But he cannot solve anyone’s case by going to court. Lawyer will needs to study politics, laws and physical studies. By studied about that topics it will be able to knowing the laws of different countries and save their countries from difficulties. Now we will discuss about Barrister.



This is almost same as lawyer. But when we will studied the law from England we will called barrister. But same as lawyer we will also not be able to solve anyone’s case by going to court but the studies of barrister are difficult from lawyer studies.



After taking the degree of lawyer when you enroll yourself in bar council. Firstly you will prepare for bar council examination and giving the exams after passing the exams you will enroll yourself as an advocate after this Gov. will give you a practice license then you will be able to represent your clients in court.



Attorney is best then other three because in the attorney the person will represent the central Gov. Because of this it will know as 1st law officer of the country. The main working of attorney person is to solve central Gov. Cases. They are appointed by country president and if govt. needs any legal advice on any matter then they take the advices from general attorney.



In these articles we will discuss the differences between lawyer, Barrister, Advocate and Attorney that are important for us to know. If you wish to do any job from these 4 jobs you will right to know about these jobs.

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