Tesla Auto Drive Is Not Save For Us

Tesla Auto Drive Is Not Save For Us

Tesla Auto Drive Is Not Save For Us

Tesla is one of the most famous car developer company. That develop the electric cars according to customer requirements people are like the electric cars that doesn’t affect the environment tesla prefer the electric cars over fuel consumption cars

because fuel consumption cars are affect the environment so badly people faces different disease from the car smoke.

Electric car doesn’t produce any type of disease that affect human. The torque of electric car are better than fuel consumption car because electric car contain electric motor and the motor produces more torque than an engine.

In our society the rates of fuel are increased but electric car are charged on electricity and the electricity are available in our homes. So the electric car budget are less than fuel consumption car. Now we will tell you about the tesla car.


Tesla is the company of electric cars that provide us quality cars. company becomes most famous from the feature that provide company to their clients. The feature is auto drive in this feature the owner of tesla car enable auto drive mode and set the location and the car is auto maintain itself.

We set the speed limit on car tesla doesn’t break the speed limiter and begin run on this speed that provided by owner.

car interior is user friendly because tesla provide us 12” screen that help us to use the feature of this car many features in this car but the main feature of tesla is auto drive. Tesla will not be hacked according to tesla company owner (Elon Musk). But hackers prove that tesla car will be hack able.

Tesla Hacked:

This hack in previous year this hack will prove that tesla is hack able. Hackers will freely attack on tesla auto drive mode and the people will worried and this year tesla face loss because of tesla user satisfaction rate is less in this year.

Company will working on their auto drive mode and improve the feature but the hackers again attack on their feature Elon Musk will worried about their users because user sell their cars because of this vulnerability.

In this time period tesla will face many difficulties so the working time of employee will increase. This hacked will affect the tesla model 3 and y series and this is the models that will on peek in this time.

Is This Tesla Save for us?

The answer of this question is tesla is not save for us because of the tesla auto drive is not safe if we will drive the tesla car manually that is safe for us because we will drive manually and totally car will depend on us how we drive this car because the car is made for person that drive manually and the car that provide auto drive feature that is not for us because the company are involved in many accident because of the bug in the software and the tesla update their software and make the auto drive feature better.

And in this time tesla will on top in the car ranking car exterior is look like Ferrari and interior of the car is totally different from Ferrari.

Tesla will made in US and this is totally make according to user of American people. Company goal is to provide quality to its user and also provide safest drive in world but auto drive feature is not safe because of the road conditions in this age the car driver are increased and the cars manufacturing is also increased so the people will prefer cars rather than motorcycle and the tesla is not safe because of our road conditions and population.

People needs safest drive and the tesla auto drive feature doesn’t provide us this feature. According to tesla price the car owner provide us safest drive but he doesn’t provide us this thing. Life is more important than anything. Because the car are provide from any place but life are not provide again from any place.


It is good car for those people that will drive car manually but not those people that are use the feature of auto drive. Machine doesn’t take place of humans because machine is a machine and the people will provide information to machine how to work machine doesn’t think how to work because computer doesn’t have a brain like human natural brain machine choose those ways.

that we will provide us and people choose those ways that are good machine are dependent but human are independent machine thinks according to the theory of artificial intelligence but not prove this time. According to me the machine are totally depend on human but the human depend totally on his how he will choose.

And the tesla is totally machine and it is not thinking it will depend on human. Human will provide coding to machine and the machine will execute it. Machine makes life easy but not safe because if any bug are appear in this machine the human life is depend on machine.


My name is shaheryar and I will study software engineering from university. I will gain the experience of 2 years how to write article, web designing, web developing, Software developing and I will provide you a high quality content and details.

I will study about tesla car and I will find many details about tesla and the people needs the content that are helpful. And according to my experience tesla is safe if we use this according to its user guide if we mistake in any of feature of tesla it will give us a risk of life.

If we needs a safe life we will work hard on it. I mean to say we will drive any car manually because the human will always choose a right way that is suitable for his/her. So will always work hard in our life that make our life perfect and that is helpful for us. If anyone needs the car go to tesla fill the tesla requirement and before using it read the user guide and ride it according to user guide. That is helpful for our family and us.

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