Top 8 best and most popular CMS platforms in 2023:

Top 8 Best and Most popular CMS platform in 2023

What is CMS?

CMS stands for (content management system). This is the platform that provide us easy way to build our website without any coding. There are different CMS that provide us the facility of creating blogging, e-commerce and business websites. There are 8 CMS that are to be discussed:

  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. Drupal
  4. Woo Commerce
  5. Wix
  6. Big Commerce
  7. Shopify
  8. Ghost


WordPress will be our number one pick in our list of best CMS. Almost 41% of websites that are available on internet use WordPress to power them. WordPress is the free open source CMS platform that are designed for blogging but now it is used for almost all types of websites. You want any type of website for example online store, business website and e-commerce website WordPress will help us to create this website easily with very little technical knowledge or coding knowledge.


You know that WordPress comes with thousands of free themes that makes our website look attractive. There are almost 58,000 free plugins that helps you to make your work easy. These plugins works like a smaller modules. No other CMS has that integration eco system. Another good thing of WordPress is SEO friendly.

Which means the website that create with WordPress will usually rank than any other CMS platforms websites. You will able to use paid or free best SEO plugins by installing and activating it. The only con of WordPress is you will be responsible for managing things like the security and backups.


This is another open source CMS platform. That contains a lot of free templates and extensions but same as WordPress you will buy the hosting first and also buy a domain name. It will packed with a ton of features and you can also do one-click installation. This CMS platform is not for beginners because it is not easy to use as WordPress.


The Pros of Joomla it will provide us a lot of flexibility. You have plenty of option to choose from it’s a good choice of building something out that is complicated especially helpful for developers they want to create their own item. You’ll have a community of people to help you as you probably will need that as you’re going through it.

Some of the cons are even the fans will admit it’s complicated and there are not as many options or additional features.


This is also open source CMS platform as other two. Which means it will give you a lot of freedom we as you notice that our top three CMS are all open source because really believe in website owners having full ownership and freedom for their websites the ability to move and do whatever they need.


Drupal powers about one percent of all websites on the internet so it’s about you know WordPress 40 times bigger but you know Drupal is loved by developers most of the time to build a custom website with Drupal you’re going to have to hire a developer they will be way more expensive that WordPress but in certain spaces when you’re trying to build complicated sites with a lot of data Drupal can be good option.

It’s very easy to add a content there’s ton of custom content types available they’re very flexible but you’ve to know what you’re doing it’s not as beginner friendly. They do have different modules available that you can add to your website. They work very similar to like WordPress. Plugins support is available via community similar to Joomla user management is easy.

Woo Commerce:

Woo Commerce is the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. If you’re looking to create a shop and a blog with this then this is the perfect setup for you. If it were a CMS plug-In then it would have 5.8 percent of the market share which is higher than even Joomla or Drupal. That’s the percentage of all the websites out there now with WordPress.

woo commerce

The Pros are that it’s available as a free software free add-on us woo commerce hosting as well as the domain name to get started there’s a ton of themes there as well as ton of plugins out there to extend the functionality of your ecommerce website. You can also do physical or digital products you can set up even affiliate products if you don’t have your own products.

You can fully manage all of your inventory within woo commerce and that’s make it easy to keep track of whatever you’ve in stock they also come with a PayPal and stripe integration automatically and you can do add-ons such as if you need to.


It is a popular CMS platform you might have seen even TV commercials depending on where you live. The advertised very heavily it is beginner friendly and it is something that a lot of new users end up choosing. Because Wix a free plan a limited free plan you know it comes with a drag and drop interface make it really easy for you to create pages that look just the way how you want it.


There’s ton of pre-made templates Wix has a growing app marketplace you know install apps on your site similar to WordPress plugins. There are several downsides to it one the free plan is very limited you have a Wix branded domain and they show ads on your site and that’s the way Wix makes money but unless you pay them a lot of money to.

Just you know go to the Pro plan you cannot run an ecommerce store on Wix unless you upgrade to their ecommerce plans which are far more expensive than their normal plan. Which point its way better for you to use. Woo commerce and WordPress because you can get started with blue host I think like three bucks for that.

Once you choose a template on Wix you can’t change to a different one this means you get stuck with that layout in the future unless you build the whole website whereas in WordPress you know you can more or less change a theme and still retain all the content and everything.

Big Commerce:

Big commerce is a fully hosted ecommerce platform which sometimes is called an all-in-one CMS platform. It’s easy to get started if you’re a beginner and you’re wanting to start selling its host your site for you as well as providing an actual CMS part all on its own it can also handle the security and the backup for you these there’s a trial plan so that’s make its pretty interesting.

big commerce

If you want to just get started and see how it is for you can also use a free domain which is a brand it’ll be like instead of doing a custom domain there’s a lot of different ways that you can take payments so that’s helpful if you want to do Apple pay, PayPal, Amazon pay they can do that or even just credit card or debit card.

Big commerce has support options for you access straight to your dashboard 24/7 so that is really cool they even have live chat, Email, Phone support if you get stuck in anything you can use big commerce with WordPress if you want and they will give you the best of both worlds of your CMS as well as a shop.


It is a popular all-in-one hosted CMS platform for ecommerce websites. So if you’re looking to build an online store and you just want to get started without buying hosting installing any software managing things like updates and backups then Shopify is where you go and a lot of you know online stores owner they you know set up their stores with Shopify.


It has a drag-and-drop interface it even supports in store sales which is great if you have a physical store as well as online presence there’s a lot of things to love about Shopify you can accept credit card, debit cards, PayPal you know as their default solution if you want to use any third party. Payment provider though Shopify will charge you extra fees.

There’s a ton of extensions and theme available for Shopify you don’t need to upgrade if you make over certain dollar amount in sales like you have to do with big commerce they do have you know 24/7 support there’s a huge community around it.


Ghost is the type of CMS platform specially designed for bloggers. You’ll often here it describe as a headless CMS. Which sounds a little old but it just means that the CMS platform force you to deliver content in a specific way you can use the data to produce content in any way you want in a mobile app and a website.


If you’re not a developer though you just want to use ghost for blogging you don’t really need to worry about that part it’s a straight-forward built-in blogging tool. Some of the pros people like about it is you can use the markdown way of writing when you’re writing in the ghost editor. It’s just the way to format text like without using a mouse you can make things bold, italic and so on with shortcuts.

Their content editor using cards these works a bit like the WordPress blocks in the block editor ghost was started by one of the old long-time WordPress contributors John Nolan so it’s pretty cool ghost has good support for SEO.


This is the 8 CMS platforms that you need to know to build your own websites like others and without coding.

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