What is Antminer-And how it will help us to earn cryptocurrency

What is Antminer?

What is Antminer?

Antminer is the machine that enable us to mine different electronic currencies. This machine are more powerful that works as CPU (central processing unit) of that machine. This ant miner is expensive machine.

This machine contains multiple GPU that helps machine to provide best hash rates to us. That gives opportunity of mining the crypto currency with speed. But we needs more investment to buy this machine.

There are different versions of this ant miner:

  1. Ant miner s9
  2. Ant miner L7
  3. Ant miner s7
  4. Ant miner s19
  5. Ant miner L3+

Ant miner s9:

The s9 takes 800 watts from your home electricity. That runs on 800 watt and we will run this machine for 24 hours. The hash rate that provided by this machine is 6000 hashes that are able to gain 0.02 BTC in per month.

The rate of the BTC in dollars is 22,850 USD. They will also provide us to mine ethereum, litecoin and also dogecoin that are all the types of crypto currencies. In this machine there are small GPU are installed and for heat proofing the two fans are also installed in it.

This miner machine is powerful but not that on this level that provided by other miners this miner is the basic miner antminer s9 is the model that are fall in the best basic miners. This miner is 100% legit and also give us a commission after month.

This machine sell mostly in USA, UK and also in china. Firstly we attach the machine with electricity then it will mine the currency automatically. We doesn’t work manually on this machine. It will automatic running machine because the software that install in this machine are automatically mine the crypto currencies.

Ant Miner L7:

This mining machine is the type of heavy miner machine that mine BTC, ethereum, litecoin and also dogecoin.   The hash rate that provided by this miner is 9500 MH/s. That are good they will mine 0.09 BTC per month.

They take 8500 watt from your home electricity that are most because if we run continuously 1000 watt in 1 hour that are gave us high cost but this miner also mine more than antminer s9. The cost of this machine is 24,000$ that are expensive.

This machine were fall in Top 10 list that provide the miners. This will also run automatically this will good. For heat proofing the company will fit 5 fans in this machine. In this machine company will fit multiple GPU so the performance of this machine are very high.

The length of this machine is 370 cm the width is 195.5 cm and also the height of this machine is 290 cm. The weight of the antminer L7 16.5 kg and this machine will also need the cool place so we will placed this machine in air conditioner.

Ant miner s7:

This miner is made by the company that name is Bitmain. The size of this machine are same as first miner but this miner is better than first miner. It will provide the speed of 4.87 TH/s that are better than first miner.

The price of this machine are between 200$ to 600$ depend on you what version you will choose company will fit 2 fans in this machine. The weight this machine are 4.5 kg that are good but it will need improvement.

Machine has also need the cooled placed that will are chilled then outer place. It will also required 1250 watt from your home electricity but the first miner only need 800 watt for running so in the comparison of electricity gaining first miner are won.

Noise of this machine are 70 dB but the men only hear 20dB noise easily if he hear this noise it will be dangerous for his. This machine were also fully automatic people who buy this machine doesn’t need to do anything only plug in the wire into electricity. Company Claim the 6 months to 1 year guarantee.

If this machine stop working without do anything then company claim this machine if the default in the electricity appears and the machine will stop the company doesn’t claim the guarantee. If we will run this machine according to user manual then it will doesn’t appear any error but if we run this machine without user guide then it will appears some error.

So before it use read the user manual and then start mining on this machine. The temperature of this machine are maximum 40 degree celcius if the temperature increases then 40 so the machine will may be burn out so the investment that we will invest on this machine will goes. So the company tell us some warnings we were follow this warnings.

Ant miner s19:

This miner is also developed by bitmain. This machine will take more than 800 watt form our home electricity they will take more electricity but provide less hash rate it will provide only 540 MH/s this is not good it will make only 0.001 BTC in one month that is not enough.

Because we will paid the electricity bill from this earning so if we paid the bill then we will take less profit from this antminer that is bad for us. No doubt it will cheaper then other miners but this machine gives less profit so we will not recommend this ant miner.

If you have low budget then buy this miner. And if you have more budget then buy the second miner that will be provided by us. Before use it must read the user guide then you will be able to know more information for this machine.

If you buy this machine you will be owned chilled Air conditioning room because this machine produce more heat or noise. Company will fit two fans in this machine this is the budget miner that will mine almost all crypto currencies.

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