What is html-Here is the advance Html tags that we used

What is HTML

What is html?

Html stands for hypertext markup language that is used to design the frontend of the webpages. It is the type of languages that is basic. If we doesn’t know about html so we will not be able to make a website.

In this age we will use the version that name is html5. It is the upgraded version of hypertext markup language that we will use. In this language we will able to create the basic layout of website.

So let’s begin the tutorial:

HTML Tags:

To start making the website we use the different types of html tags.



If we open any tag then we will able to close this tag the tag that we use to start the html5 in this tag we will insert all the code that we use. Second tag we use is.


In this tag we will make the header of the website then we use



In this tag we will create the body of the website and also the menu and the footer of the website this three tags are the main tags of the html5 and the next tag is:

<title> daily k News </title>

We use this tag to make the title of the website that are shown when we search our website and the tab title is shown that is given by us. The syntax of writing the html5 is.



<title> Daily K News </title>





This is the syntax of html5 that is very simple. The next tag that we able to use is h1, h2, h3 and also h4.

<h1> This is our first website </h1>

This is the heading tag that we will use to give headings in our website this tag is used in body of the html5. Then we will go in our paragraph.

<p> My website is about tech and news that are very interesting </p>

This tag is used to give paragraph in our website.

Html Attributes:

The elements that we used in our website they must have the attributes. The attribute doesn’t need closing tags this tags is called inline tags.

<a href=”#” />

This tag is used to give inline and outbound links in our website and also added the pages in our website.

<img src=”img.jpg” />

By using img src tag we will able to add images in our website the images will able to add from computer and online from any website. To add the image from computer we will only give the source of image. But To add picture from any website we will add the link of that picture in the image source tag.

We will also add the length and width in the image source. For example

<img src=”#” height=”20%” width=”30%” alt=”The picture”>

Alt tag is used in image source tag because it is very important according to SEO. And using height and width tag we will be able to set picture in the perfect location.

HTML5 Format:

<b> To make the text bold
<i> To make the text italic
<em> To make the text emphasized
<mark> To make the text marked
<small> To make the text small
<del> to deleted the text
<ins> To insert any text

Html5 Comments:

Comments is used when we add the personal information in coding that helps the programmer to make their readability good. To make the comments used this syntax.

<!-- Inline comments -->

This type of comments called the inline comments this is used when we make the comment only single line. But when we make the multiple lines comment use this type of syntax.

<!—to make the

Website readability

Better -->

This is the syntax of multiple line comments.

Html5 Favicon:

To add the icon in our website we use the html5 favicon syntax. It is also called the logo of our website.

<link rel=”icon” type=”image/x-icon” href=”#”>

This syntax that we use to add a logo in our website.

Html5 Table:

This is very important in our website this elements is used to make table in our website that looks attractive in our website.

The syntax of adding the table in our website.



       <title> This is our first website </title>











Tr tag is used to make rows in our table and the th tag is used to make the headings in our table. And the td is used to make the data in table. So this syntax is used to make complete table in our website.

Html5 List:

List tag  is very important in our website by using this tag we will be able to make menu in our website without this tag we will not make menu in our website. And we know menu is very important in our website. The syntax of listing the categories in our website.


<li> Technology </li>

<li> Business </li>

<li> Health </li>


It will show in this view:

  • Technology
  • Business
  • Health

Ul stands for unordered list and the li stands for list items for example we will add three items in our category list so we will use the li tags to make the three list.

If we will make the sub category of any parent category we use this type of syntax.




<li> info </li>

<li> tech </li>

<li> machine </li>




Using inline ul we will be able to make the sub category of technology that will shown when we move the cursor on technology button and the subcategories are appear in the bottom of the parent category.

Html Class:

Class is plays very important in our website we will styling a different block by adding only one style in this block. We will add styles in one block of the website by using the class name the syntax of the classes is:

<div class=”city>


By using this tag we will add many information in the div tag and style that information by using the CSS.

And the same as id tag id tag used in any tag to give the prefer id to any tag and using this id we will add different styles the prefer id.

Html Iframe:

Iframe is very old tag in this age iframe will not allowed to add in any website but we will tell you that what is this?

The syntax of this tag is

<iframe src=”url” title=”description”></iframe>

By using this tag we will add the section of any website in our website that will be show is same as that website that we able to used in our website.

Html Responsive:

To make our website responsive we will able to use the bootstrap in our website. Bootstrap is only the hyper link that provide us to make our website easily. In the bootstrap many features are written inside it.

In next article we will tell you about CSS. That is the style of html5. Any of the website that are make using html that is need to make CSS file in it that makes the look of the website attractive.

For more information visit to this website.

For CSS tutorial visit to our website.

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